In the New Economy, Every BusinessIs a Technology Company

Technology is more than a competitive advantage. It’s a matter of survival. The new competitive advantage resides in how effectively you adopt and deploy technology to solve real business challenges and create value for customers.

A New Approachfor a New Age of Innovation

The Synergist Framework™ puts process and people before platforms and technology. They are the key to innovation, adoption and the achievement of business goals.

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Nine Warning Signs That YouMay Need the Synergist Framework

Your IT projects are frequently over budget

Your projects are in jeopardy because of delays

Your project’s ROI
fails to materialize

Amount of effort greater than expected

Your projects struggle to gain adoption

Your projects take more time than planned

You’re paying for multiple licenses for the same apps

You purchased a solution that remains unused

The solutions are hard to understand and adopt

Our Technology Assessment ModelGets Results Faster and More Consistently

The IT capability model is a framework to evaluate and identify gaps in capability and functions for technology organizations.

The Five Cornerstonesof Our Unique Approach

Tollanis Solutions has developed a proprietary set of services based on a unique methodology to solve most business challenges with greater simplicity and impact.


Our technology Rapid Health Check and maturity assessment


Our unique approach to ecosystem integration


Our solution design methodology for improved automation and optimization


Our people-focused approach to change management


Our advanced cyberthreat evaluation and remediation service

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