Our Five Cornerstonesin Greater Detail

Our unique approach to agile methodology is founded on five key elements. Each of these five cornerstones delivers better, more reliable business outcomes by focusing on people and process ahead of technology.

Tollanis Diagnose

Our Rapid Health-Checkand Maturity Assessment

The Tollanis Diagnose methodology approaches maturity from three primary areas: infrastructure, architecture, and organization. We find answers to three essential questions:

  1. Do you have all the right foundational technologies in place?
  2. Do you have the right architecture to accept the technology or solution set into your environment?
  3. And does your organization have the ability to successfully implement,
    operate and adopt the new technology?
Tollanis Connect

Our Unique Approachto Ecosystem Integration

When it comes to technology platforms and applications, the challenge is not just in finding a solution. It’s in finding the right solution that delivers cost savings, increases efficiency and customer satisfaction, while allowing for higher throughput, longer usability and greater interoperability. We help our clients to:

  1. Identify and quantify your existing application infrastructure stacks and technology.
  2. Choose the right partner and the right solution set.
  3. Blend them seamlessly into a cohesive technology solution
    ecosystem that helps deliver business results.
Tollanis Develop

Our Solution Design Methodology forBetter Automation and Optimization

Applications are the lifeblood of your business and infrastructure is the foundation. Optimizing, standardizing, and extracting value from the entire ecosystem is what Tollanis Develop is all about. Tollanis Develop encompasses the full life cycle of the modern development ecosystem, ensuring the greatest value extraction for your business. Our unique approach to rapid prototyping, proofs of concept, and enhanced agile development, allow your business to:

  1. Build services, respond rapidly,
  2. Move to scale and respond to business demand,
  3. Then contract when no longer needed.
Tollanis Transform

Our People-Focused Approachto Change Management

Any successful technology project begins with people in mind. Our change management process consists of three main phases:

  1. Planning and analysis – Align team, gather requirements, communicate, assess
  2. Design and build – Develop plan, workshop solution and build curriculum
  3. Test and deploy – Create training plan, manage change agent network and deliver solution.
Tollanis Secure

Our Advanced Cyberthreat Evaluationand Remediation Service

When done right and properly enabled security:

  1. Gives your business the confidence to move faster, knowing that you’re protected should anything happen.
  2. Enables business resiliency and business time to market at the speed of the internet and the cloud.
  3. Allows businesses to move faster, respond more quickly, be more agile, more flexible, and more customer centric.

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