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Increase Customer Satisfaction with Tait Machine Learning

Reduce Operational Costs & Streamline Communication, Automation, & Feedback Management

Transforming Work

Helping Businesses Achieve More with Intelligent Automation

Tait, the next-generation machine learning bot is designed to revolutionize the way you communicate, automate, and manage feedback. Powered by the robust infrastructure of Amazon services and integrated with a dynamic messaging platform, Tait is set to redefine your operational efficiency.


Amazon Services Integration

Experience the power of Amazon’s serverless compute services Lambda, and the cloud-based contact center service, Amazon Connect, for seamless operations.


Messaging Platform

Enhance your communication capabilities with our integrated messaging platform. Notify referees via SMS, schedule calls, and more.

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How It Works

Multi Channel

Automated Multi-channel Collection

Whether it’s via Phone, SMS, or E-mail, TAIT does the heavy lifting, ensuring timely and effective communication.


Seamless Integration

Are you not a fan of managing multiple systems? Don’t worry. TAIT seamlessly integrates with your preferred system, automatically picking up contacts and storing crucial information.


Around-the-Clock Service

Whether day or night, TAIT’s automated calls ensure your message reaches your audience when they're most available.


Efficiency at Its Peak

Benefit from an enhanced response rate, a faster service experience, and reduce overheads associated with manual interventions.

Benefits & Advantages of Tait

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Make the Smart Choice for your Digital Next

Tait Across Industries

Discover the world of possibilities with Tait. When you choose Tait, you’re not just getting an machine learning bot, you’re gaining access to a transformative solution. Whether you’re in healthcare, customer service, retail, market research, education, or human resources, it is designed to cater to your unique needs, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and a seamless user experience.



From scheduling patient appointments to automating patient satisfaction surveys, Tait is the healthcare assistant you've always needed.



Schedule academic appointments, automate course evaluations, and assist in academic research.


Human Resources

Streamline job interviews, automate employee surveys, and enhance the recruitment process.



Tait streamlines retail customer appointments and automates surveys, optimizing customer interactions and enhancing feedback collection for improved shopping experiences.


Customer Service

Schedule appointments, automate feedback collection, and enhance customer experience.


Market Research

Simplify interviews, automate surveys, and streamline the research process.

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