In the face of unprecedented disruption, the healthcare industry is under immense pressure to adapt swiftly. The need for healthcare providers, payers, and vendors to simultaneously engage employees and patients, enhance patient care and outcomes, and reduce costs is more critical than ever. Enter Zendesk for Healthcare, a comprehensive customer experience solution.


  • 54% of consumers see healthcare customer service as an afterthought.
  • 18% of healthcare agents feel effective in finding job information

According to the insights from Zendesk’s CX Trends 2023 report, there are several major shifts occurring within the customer service landscape that are applicable to the healthcare industry.

Around 70% of consumers are more likely to spend more on businesses that provide fluid, personalized, and seamless customer experiences. This signifies the importance for healthcare providers to prioritize a tailored, seamless patient experience, from appointment scheduling to post-care follow-ups.

The report also highlights that 64% of consumers expect AI tools, such as bots, to deliver service at par with humans. This underscores the potential for healthcare institutions to leverage AI technology for various patient interactions, including automated patient communication, symptom checking, or appointment scheduling.

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The Imperative for Change in Healthcare

Zendesk for Healthcare offers a comprehensive customer experience solution that enables providers, payers, and vendors to deliver secure and personalized services. This solution is designed to improve patient outcomes while eliminating inefficient and costly processes.

Healthcare organizations can equip their agents with contextual workspaces and unified knowledge management, allowing them to deliver exceptional service through any channel. 

AI-powered workflows and self-service tools further enhance the patient experience while reducing costs. The Zendesk platform is flexible and designed for agility, enabling swift adaptation and deployment of a scalable solution.


The Power of Zendesk for Healthcare

Zendesk for Healthcare provides a multitude of features that enable healthcare organizations to:

  • Deliver personalized care with a 360-degree patient view
  • Collaborate across the patient journey
  • Empower and engage employees
  • Deliver engaging experiences to improve outcomes
  • Ensure patient trust with secure data
  • Drive improvements through analytics
  • Quickly design and deploy new solutions

Zendesk for Healthcare can be utilized for a wide range of external and internal functions. Externally, it can be used for omnichannel support, sales support, customer engagement, proactive support, clinical trial support, diagnostic testing support, registration and scheduling, and self-service. Internally, it can be used for HR support desk, IT support desk, procurement, billing support, claims support, training, onboarding, agent productivity, and legal support.

Zendesk works by delivering personalized support through a 360-degree patient view. It facilitates seamless collaboration across care teams with centralized case management tools. It also enables you to engage and deepen patient relationships through personalization across any channel. Furthermore, it allows you to analyze operational metrics and patient satisfaction to improve efficiency and outcomes.


Tollanis Solutions: Enhancing Zendesk for Healthcare

As a partner of Zendesk, Tollanis Solutions brings added value to the Zendesk for Healthcare platform. Tollanis Solutions is known for its expertise in delivering efficient and innovative solutions to complex business challenges. By partnering with Zendesk, Tollanis Solutions is able to leverage its expertise to further enhance the capabilities of Zendesk for Healthcare, providing a more robust and comprehensive solution for healthcare providers, payers, and vendors.

In conclusion, Zendesk for Healthcare, in partnership with Tollanis Solutions, is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. It is transforming patient and employee experiences, improving patient care and outcomes, and reducing costs. For more information about how Zendesk for Healthcare and Tollanis Solutions can benefit your organization, visit


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