The Situation

In the healthcare industry, credentialing is a long and painstaking process that can take more than 2 months, at the minimum. This manual and labor-intensive process was exactly what a leading Healthcare Staffing and Workforce Management Solutions agency was struggling with. Without a streamlined and automated process, the agency faced many problems with their credentialing rollout due to long wait times and lags. In addition to this, the agency juggled a variety of different roles with placements nationwide – many of which had their own credentialing requirement – which complicated the whole process even more. The only solution the agency had to keep up with growing demand was to hire new credentialing specialists on a regular basis. This was unsustainable for the agency, costing them more money in the long term while delivering little ROI. Realizing the need for Digital Transformation, the agency pulled in Tollanis Solutions to help optimize their credentialing process and, ultimately, create a competitive edge against their competitors.

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A Better Credentialing Process

Services Provided:

Tollanis Solutions is Your Healthcare Partner

Key Wins:

  • Conducted a market scan to find the best credentialing software solution for the agency
  • Ran a thorough ROI assessment to gain buy-in from the agency
  • Fully managed Credentially as a SaaS solution to help improve the agency’s credentialing turnaround time by 15% with 4.9x fewer resources

Through our in-depth discovery sessions and assessments, Tollanis Solutions was able to fully understand the healthcare staffing agency’s needs, pain points, and current processes. This enabled us to implement Credentially in a thorough, flexible, and thoughtful way with an eye towards best practice change management and training.

Curious as to how we achieved these results?

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