IT Support Situation

Holyland Treasures, a global importer and exporter of wholesale gifts, souvenirs, and jewelry, needed a IT support and service provider that was knowledgeable, competent, reliable, cost-effective, and local. IT infrastructure is the backbone of their business so they needed an IT partner they could count on. Tollanis was the solution.

Holyland’s previous IT service provider was unreliable, had limited knowledge of their business, and was priced above what a small to medium-sized business should pay. They were faced with the challenge of finding a new IT provider that would handle their everyday desktop computer and customer service needs while maintaining their ERP system, ISP selection, phones, backup, troubleshooting, data management and migrations. In essence, they needed it all. Beyond standard IT support, they were also looking for a firm that could provide around-the-clock monitoring.


A Reliable Environment with a Local IT Provider

Working with Tollanis, Holyland received the following benefits:

Delivering value and a stable environment with Tollanis Solutions

“Tollanis is a true IT partner. They are experts in their field, reliable and are always engaged in providing us the best IT support, protection capabilities, and service.”

Eric Harel, CFO, Holyland Treasures

Working under a 99.9% uptime service level agreement, Holyland benefited from utilizing a single trusted vendor relationship for all strategic and operational IT needs. With the help of ITSM tools and rapid response times, employees receive high-quality customer service and timely updates while reducing risks and control costs. To keep risk at a minimum, Tollanis manages the onboarding, offboarding, as well as all the computer management and inventory. Tollanis techs have procured and configured a reliable network infrastructure with inexpensive backup service in case of an outage with a primary internet service provider. They have secured all entry points into the local network as well as configured a guest WIFI network separate from the infrastructure. Tollanis also helped evaluate and provided information based on Holyland’s needs about the upgrade of the server vs migrating into the cloud breaking costs down by year and helping stakeholders make the decision based on facts. Tollanis is constantly working with the team to improve security, which is a never-ending challenge.

Curious as to how we achieved these results?

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