Discover how Tollanis Solutions helped a leading financial services company implement Single Sign-On (SSO) for RingCentral in just one hour, enhancing security, streamlining user management, and boosting productivity.

The Challenge: Complex Integration, Limited Expertise

This financial services company wanted to implement SSO for various cloud services, including RingCentral. However, they lacked the internal expertise to configure this integration with RingCentral and Entra, their identity provider. They sought a reliable partner to ensure a smooth and secure implementation.

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Tollanis: Your Trusted SSO Partner

Tollanis Solutions partnered with the client to achieve their SSO goals. Our team of experts leveraged their deep understanding of RingCentral and SSO technologies to configure the integration within just one hour. This swift implementation allowed the company to establish SSO for their entire IT team. Tollanis provided ongoing support, promptly addressing any follow-up questions.

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