For over a decade, Tollanis Solutions has helped organizations take a people-first approach to improving their business through the strategic use of technology and business process optimization. In our quest to help organizations be a better version of themselves, we learned about the challenges that those in the Healthcare and Health Services industry face. It’s the challenge that keeps them all up at night: credentialing.

What is Credentialing?

Credentialing refers to the process by which healthcare providers verify that their healthcare staff (doctors, nurses, etc.) are properly trained, certified, and qualified for their positions. It’s a process that all medical professionals must undergo on a regular basis.

Credentialing in-house is a very complex process that can overwhelm an organization, especially if the organization is using old, outdated, legacy processes. The complexity is compounded by the fact that every facility has its own checklists, tools, and processes. That’s not to mention all the usernames and passwords that must also fall into place to ensure the timely and accurate placement of clinicians. On top of this, clinicians might all have a different set of exams, courses, and depth of checks required, adding to the complexity and challenges of getting the job done.

Although audits are regularly performed throughout the process, candidate data and provider checklists can quickly change (almost every 90 days!). To keep up with all the credentialing requirements, most organizations find themselves immersed in tools, spreadsheets, and siloed and fragmented processes – while being forced to upload and download provider data – to accommodate the needs of the candidate, the recruitment agency, and the facility.

The Current State of Provider Credentialing

To better understand the current credentialing landscape, Tollanis made a call out to the market. We found that many organizations either didn’t have any credentialing resources, had a team too small to handle the volume, or had overworked staff. This caused them to lose candidates and fall behind in the credentialing process. We realized that when credentialing staff had insufficient time or resources to complete thorough credentialing, they became stressed, burnt out, and overwhelmed.

The top 5 provider credentialing errors described to us were:

  1. Having outdated information: As mentioned earlier, the background and requirements of each provider can change quickly. If not continuously monitored and updated, companies will not be able to properly credential candidates.
  2. Failure to authenticate critical data: Many organizations fail audits and receive fines due to the lack of accurate credentialing, which prevents them from growing.
  3. Too much pressure on credentialing specialists: Although it may be good to have specialists on hand, too much work can cause them to burn out in an effort to avoid upsetting or losing a client.
  4. Data entry errors: Due to the painstaking nature of manual credentialing, human error is inevitable and may lead to compliance issues in your healthcare credentialing process.
  5. Poor candidate experience: The credentialing process can take up to 4 months, which causes mental stress to the candidate. These poor experiences and delays lead them to mass apply, which can cause them to leave if not credentialed quickly enough.

How Outsourced Credentialing Helps

When you outsource a credentialing partner, like Tollanis Solutions, you can eliminate the burdens that come with manual credentialing. Instead of spending time tracking down paperwork, you can focus on driving revenue with our automated credentialing service that seamlessly verifies, onboards, and maintains compliance to recruit high-quality clinicians quicker.

The right partner will totally manage your credentialing in a way that helps you maintain compliance, enhance the recruitment experience, and boost your bottom line. Here’s why you should outsource your medical credentialing to Tollanis.

Why Our Healthcare Staffing Customers Chose Tollanis:

  1. Flexible compliance: We are able to move your provider from one facility to the other and only seek credentials for the ones out of compliance and new ones required.
  2. Ownership of data: You own the data we retrieve for you.
  3. Reduced incidents of non-compliance: Our continual credentialing helps reduce the number of non-compliant staff as well as the risk of falling out of compliance without impacting patients’ safety. This protects you from fines and lawsuits.
  4. Agile reporting: We provide you with a dashboard that allows you to manage your business to metrics and data. This helps your team quickly make decisions based on KPIs and where candidates are in your funnel.
  5. Faster time to ROI: Our credentialing solution shortens the time it takes to get candidates into your facility, boosting your time to cash and revenue.
  6. One pane of glass: We eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets and paper so that you won’t have to deal with multiple boards and dispersed data.
  7. Scalability: We scale with you as your business grows.

Why Healthcare Staffing Agencies Enjoy the Experience:

  1. Painless process: Our process helps candidates get compliant faster with an easy-to-follow experience, checklist, friendly reminders, how-to’s, and automation.
  2. Superior candidate experience: We know that candidates have multiple applications out, so getting them placed faster means being placed with you.
  3. Credentialed candidate pool: We help you build a pool of available and credentialed candidates as well as a maintained pool of “ready-checked” candidates. A value-add to the candidates is that their profiles can follow them to all placements within your organization.
  4. Increased retention: Healthcare staffing agencies see a boost in retention as providers don’t want to leave. Our end-to-end credentialing solution makes it easy to get a replacement for any opening with little headache.

Key Takeaways

Credentialing is a long and messy process, especially if you are working with multiple software and providers. Healthcare organizations that are still struggling with traditional credentialing should reevaluate their current processes and start looking for ways to better manage their candidates and data. Those who are able to outsource a credentialing partner can expect to see reductions in their overall costs, guarantee continued compliance, and simplify the whole process.

Tollanis Solutions has the ability to automate your credentialing processes to maintain compliance and drive revenue. We alleviate your burden by managing your credentialing process from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Ready to transform your credentialing process with Tollanis Solutions?