Check out some of the symptoms of outdated customer support!

Is it time for a new CX tech stack? We get it. Evaluating and changing support solutions is a lot of work, but a bad customer experience is bad for business. And in today's viral economy, no one can afford that.

Selecting a new CX tech stack also has big ROI (take it from our friends at AWAY, UNTUCKit and HopSkipDrive).

This list of symptoms of outdated support tech is based on our own CX team’s conversations with our brand customers:

  • Your agents are constantly switching tabs and/or logging into a separate system.
  • Customer data is siloed across multiple tickets or cases.
  • When customers decide to switch channels (e.g., webchat to phone), the conversation has to start again with a new agent.
  • You’re still using the same tech you had in place for 7 agents… except now you have 20 agents (or more!).
  • Customer satisfaction and sentiment data exists across multiple vendors and reports. Basically, silos.

Any of these sound familiar? Test drive Kustomer’s next-generation customer management platform today by contacting Tollanis.