Here’s a question for you: Are you still encountering productivity issues within your business operations even with ServiceNow? If you are, don’t worry. It is all too common for businesses to grapple with issues related to disorganization, mismanagement, and miscommunication, especially if ServiceNow isn’t being optimized and maximized to its fullest. Here are the 3 of the most common challenges we see ServiceNow customers face that are impacting their return on investment value and holding them back from their business’ full potential.

1. You’ve Lost Your Original Implementation Resources

Over time, it is common for companies to go through changes internally. Perhaps your internal resources are no longer available or the partner who originally scoped and delivered your ServiceNow project is unable to support you. Either way, with the high demand for ServiceNow skill sets in the marketplace, many resources have moved on to newer opportunities. And with the platform undergoing constant changes and improvements, even the partner has likely experienced attrition, and those familiar with your project will no longer be there for your next project. This leaves your business with the cost of hiring new developers and waiting for them to learn your instance and use-cases as well as your new requirements, which takes a lot of time and money away from the growth you want to experience.

2. Your Project Pipeline Is Backlogged

When it comes to running a business, this is probably the best problem customers can have. You may have a team of employees managing and developing your instance day in and day out, an adoption strategy that is booming, and leaders that are excited about the new experiences and services they can expect, but you may have more work than your team can handle. Combine that with staff attrition (described above in problem #1), or the fact that hiring some full-time equivalents (FTEs) just isn’t in this year’s budget, and the problem becomes even bigger. No matter what your vision is, when your project pipeline is backlogged, there will be a pause – a plateau in productivity. It will impact your ability to execute and since ServiceNow is tied to everything in your business delivery, the pain will be felt everywhere – ultimately, decreasing your growth and efficiency as a business. 

3. You Have A Knowledge Gap 

Here’s a scenario for you: you’ve got all you can (or need) from the current round of ServiceNow investments and it’s paying off. Now, you want to reinvest and double down on that value. But, whatever your next investment might be, you know it’s beyond the current skill sets of your existing teams. When you run into situations like these – which will be often – your options may be limited. Either you (1) identify new resources, get them trained, have them start working with enough training, and hope to manage through the challenge, or (2) you partner up with a firm that’s done this before but will leave you high and dry after the project is over. The challenge with these options is that they are both costly and give you little to no certainty that you’ll have a successful implementation.

So, What’s The Solution? Work With A ServiceNow Partner

To fully optimize and maximize your ServiceNow Platform, you’ll need to find a firm that can understand your budgets and outcomes, provide enough resources of the right skill level to ensure success, and help you manage your processes into the future – no matter where your business takes you.

Tollanis Solutions is a ServiceNow Implementation Partner that does all of these things. We provide a proprietary process called the Synergistic Framework™ and have applied it to the ServiceNow requirements of our customers to create the Digital Framework™. By using this framework, we prescribe a solution from our bench of ServiceNow specialists to meet your budgets and outcomes, and provide a business continuity plan to prevent the loss of knowledge, familiarity, and speed that’s essential to your success with ServiceNow. You no longer need to pick multiple vendors, push projects, and delay value. You can have your (go-live) cake and eat it with the help of Tollanis Solutions.

Key Takeaways

When great vision meets great execution, great results follow. Right now, you may be experiencing a lack of productivity due to unorganized processes and labor force shortage; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. Take time to reevaluate your current policies and processes; ask yourself: “Are there any gaps in what we are doing? How can we improve so that we are at our maximum level of efficiency?” Businesses that are able to partner with a reliable ServiceNow partner will be able to boost their operations, increase revenue, and enhance ROI. 

As an experienced ServiceNow Implementation Partner, Tollanis Solutions bridges the persistent gap between business and IT to help you extract the most value from your investment. Contact us today to learn about our services.

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