Master the Art of Call Center Transformation.

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March 19th


45 min

Welcome to the “Power Up Your Marketing Media: Agents of Excellence” webinar replay, brought to you by Smarter Call Center (Tollanis). In this session, industry veterans Thomas Reilly, Nick Pietropinto, and Yanick Caro-Silva share their expertise on how to transform your call center into a high-performing machine that fuels your marketing success.

Feeling overwhelmed by call volume surges from your marketing campaigns?

Learn how to conquer this challenge and more!

This replay equips you with valuable insights, including:
  • Proven Strategies for Scaling Staffing Solutions
  • Selecting the Ideal Call Center Outsourcing Partner
  • Real-World Case Study: How a Major Logistics Company Handled 1 Million Calls in 60 Days
  • The Power of Specialized Media Planning for High ROI Campaigns
Featured Speakers:
  • Thomas Reilly: Founder of Smarter Call Center (Tollanis), with over a decade of expertise in call center operations.
  • Nick Pietropinto: President & CEO of Double Diamond Vip, with over 25 years of experience in D2C marketing and business transformation.
  • Yanick Caro-Silva: Seasoned Project Manager at Smarter Call Center (Tollanis), ensuring agents deliver exceptional customer service.

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