Powered by Tollanis Solutions: Embark on a Journey to Seamless Credentialing Onboarding

Regina Desacula, Senior Credentialing Specialist at Tollanis Solutions, Nikko Reyes, Credentialing Specialist at Tollanis Solutions, and Mary Reyes, Credentialing Specialist at Tollanis Solutions.

November 15th, 2023

41 min

Welcome to the “Painless Credentialing Onboardingwebinar brought to you by Tollanis, where we unveil a streamlined, compliant, and efficient approach to credentialing onboarding (from offer letter to day one at the hospital) in US healthcare.

Our distinguished speakers, Refine, Mary, and Nikko, will provide invaluable insights into the current credentialing landscape and demonstrate how Tollanis robust credentialing process can significantly streamline your credentialing operations.

Uncover the essence of credentialing, understanding its pivotal role in ensuring quality patient care, regulatory compliance, and enhanced healthcare services.

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Watch this replay to receive valuable insights, including:
  • Comprehensive Overview of the Credentialing Landscape in U.S. Healthcare
  • In-depth Exploration of Best Practices and Common Pitfalls in Credentialing
  • Walkthrough of Tollanis Credentialing Process
  • Benefits of Choosing Tollanis Credentialing Service
  • Interactive Q&A Session to Address Your Queries