IT Solutions for Key Sectors
at the Heart of the Economy

Our personalized IT solutions for key industries live on the leading edge of digital technology. Have a goal in mind? We’ll make it happen. Faced with a challenge? We’ve already got the answer.

How We Help You Transform

Explore how Tollanis Solutions is revolutionizing the IT Solutions industry. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are proud to serve a wide arrays of sectors, ranging from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and education. Our tailored IT solutions are designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities that each industry presents.

By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and understanding the specific needs of different sectors, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital landscapes. Discover how our comprehensive IT solutions are reshaping industries and fostering innovations across the board.


Life Sciences & Healthcare

Today’s healthcare & life sciences’ multi-billion industry is driven by a demand for accelerated research and digital healthcare solutions.

Tollanis builds the digital competitive advantage needed to deliver better results at a sustainable cost. Solutions range from managed credentialing to application rationalization.



Maintaining your competitive advantage can be challenging when customers expect around-the-clock access to services, anywhere, and on any device.

Tollanis aids you in creating efficiencies, identifying opportunities, and gaining deeper insight into the customer experience, allowing you to embrace a digital, customer-centric view of your clients’ businesses while driving down costs.



Industrials face many challenges with a mix of legacy and proprietary systems that don’t often integrate or interoperate with modern and emerging technologies.

Tollanis helps companies eliminate technology silos, get real-time predictive data while reducing downtime and increasing interoperability across disparate platforms and systems.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

The challenges have never been greater and the opportunities more numerous. Advancements in monitoring, management, automation and hyper-connectedness are transforming the worlds of travel, transportation and logistics like never before.

Tollanis can help you modernize, transform, integrate and navigate the complexities of travel and logistics systems; effectively driving greater efficiencies, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.



In an industry that has not historically leveraged technology, construction firms are now being challenged to find ways to drive costs out and improve quality, time to market and customer engagement.

Tollanis can support you in modernizing and driving efficiencies within your company while also digitally enabling the customer experience.

Consumer Goods and Retail

Consumer Goods and Retail

Tomorrow’s market leaders are embracing the new digital consumer landscape and seizing the competitive advantage.

Tollanis helps companies in the delivery of mobility, eCommerce, and cloud-based solutions to transform and drive the consumer retail experience, helping companies improve their customer experience, capture new markets and provide new digital capabilities.

Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

COVID-19 has changed the shape of the travel and hospitality industry. As travel companies transition from crisis management to recovery planning, they are searching for ways to keep their brands intact, while staying relevant and driving down costs.

Tollanis has decades of industry experience and is here to help you thrive during these challenging times.

Higher Education

Higher Education

Many students finish their education without the skills that are needed for the marketplace. Tollanis brings the best of breed technology and education solutions and services, that allow teachers and students to personalize learning, increase research capacity, and optimize operations.

We are focused on helping transform education and the learning experience for the next generation so that outcomes improve from kindergarten right through to employment.