The Future of Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry today looks much different than it did a few years back. The rise of new challenges and opportunities within the past year have changed the landscape, proving that outdated, vulnerable systems and disconnected customer experiences are no longer tolerated. With the economy going into recovery planning, many airlines, hotels, cruise operators, travel agencies, and rental car companies have started looking for innovative ways to revamp their digital experience and seize competitive advantage while reducing costs.

We Position You For Success

Looking for an all-in-one-solution? Tollanis delivers personalized IT solutions for your unique business. We don’t just implement the latest software; we problem-solve and fine-tune your processes to put you back on the road to success, faster and more reliably.

Nowadays, consumers are looking for quick and easy ways to make their travel bookings. Our extensive capabilities in travel technology are the key to success in the age of innovation.

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Service Desk Outsourcing

With Tollanis, you get high-quality onshore service that helps you fulfill all first-level service requests, from desktop support to network access requests.

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Cyber Security Services

Our cyber security services constantly monitor and reduce risks so you have the confidence to move faster, knowing that you’re protected.

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Digital Advisory Services

We offer insight into the “best-of-breed” platforms and IT solutions that best fit your current business needs, whether its cost savings or efficiency increases.

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Cloud Migration Services

By migrating your business to the cloud, we are able to create flexible, scalable solutions that will keep your business productivity high – no matter where you are.

Custom Software Development:
It’s Never Been Easier

Today, every business is a technology company. For travel and hospitality businesses looking to survive in this digital landscape, Tollanis offers high-quality tailored software solutions designed to bring you to the cutting-edge.

Make booking trips easier with our easy-to-use booking platform. We provide dynamic packaging, auto ticketing implementation, deals codes, and coupon management connected with multiple suppliers.

Build a world-class eCommerce website with our development services. We are able to create your website with data protection, security & standard, content management, and system integrations that will boost operational efficiencies.

Enhance the business transaction experience with our custom-tailored POS Applications. Since no two businesses are the same, we create a POS Application most suited for you that allows you to have better control over your business operations.

Increase your ROI with our Hotel Inventory Systems. Our Hotel Management Solutions provide you with effective solutions that will seamlessly integrate with your systems and processes and enhance customer satisfaction.


Managed IT Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Outsource your first-level service requests to Tollanis to get access to industry-leading travel and hospitality software solutions.

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Our Partners in Travel and

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Zendesk is a customer service software that helps you deliver an exceptional customer experience across multiple channels, such as your website, mobile apps, and social media.

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VMware Carbon Black is a security cloud software that protects your business from all possible threats and suspicious activities across workloads, clients, and applications.

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Splunk is a data management software that powers Security, IT, and DevOps, allowing you to unify your data into one platform for easy access, monitoring, and analysis.

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Improve User
Experience and

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Get Access to Custom
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Simplify Your
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Put Your Team To
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Tollanis Has You Covered

With more than a decade of hands-on experience in IT services and consulting for the travel and hospitality industry, Tollanis Solutions provides you with the means to achieve all your desired business goals – with no extra hassle. We have the capabilities to take your business to the next level so that you can not only capture new markets and opportunities but also drive success and growth.

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