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The Company

Tollanis Solutions Inc is a global Managed IT Service provider with the mission of empowering change through process and people.  Tollanis provides both the technological tools and the expertise that allows organizations to thrive.  Our trademarked Synergist Framework allows organizations to create meaningful change by focusing on process and people. We are a global team with offices in North America and India. 

The Role

The Sales & Marketing Operations Analyst, reporting to the VP of Sales & Marketing, is responsible for facilitating, administering, and reporting data and information in the sales and marketing processes in order to achieve the following goals: help Tollanis Solutions grow and scale with improved efficiency and effectiveness via processes and technology; support sales and marketing leadership and sales reps by providing data and insight from analysis where possible; and help improve Tollanis’s performance and culture by delivering metrics and insight.

The Sales & Marketing Operations Analyst will monitor adherence to pricing policies and practices before quotes are delivered to customers, ensure accuracy of the terms and pricing before execution. You will be responsible for documenting existing sales and marketing related business processes, identifying opportunities for improvements by performing analysis and seeking the perspectives of others and plan, implement and monitor the impact of identified improvements. Collecting, reporting on and analyzing sales and marketing metrics will be a key function of this role and will include preparing reports regarding client trends, pipeline, territory management, win/loss analysis, leads distributed, stack rankings, score cards and commission reporting.

To be successful in this position, this team member will have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business, or Technology, along with up to three years of experience in a sales or marketing role. Expert Knowledge of HubSpot, MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint is required. Preferred skills include excellent proficiency in ZoomInfo. This candidate needs a proven track record of driving results, ardent attention to detail and phenomenal organizational skills and will possess superior communication skills such as writing, speaking, project management and presenting.


  • Identify opportunities to drive revenue, such as go-to-market strategies (Webinars/Blogs/Press release etc..), tactics to streamline the customer lifecycle and improve on experience, and work with leadership to build sales process improvements.
  • Provide necessary level of visibility into the sales teams effectiveness and efficiency by creating insights and data through creation of reports and dashboards. They will be aimed at tracking KPIs but also to gain insights into where and how improvements can be made to positively impact business. 
  • Work cross-functionally with customer success, sales, business operations, finance, product, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to share insights and centralize information
  • Work closely with leadership and team members to support strategic sales initiatives. Support may include development of the programs, pricing insights, data metrics reporting and/or by actively tracking and reporting process and initiatives updates.
  • Contribute to the vision, strategy and ongoing enhancements to overall data analytics and reporting framework.
  • Oversee systems and data administration and recommend ways to improve our tools and  data quality, analysis, and reporting 
  • Manage dashboards and build revenue forecasts so teams can easily understand business health and meet goals
  • Partner with leadership to strategize, operationalize, and analyze the impact of business initiatives
  • Be a self-proclaimed hubspot Guru for both Hubspot sales and Hubspot Marketing experience
  • Be a self-proclaimed Zoominfo guru and understand how to integrate and ensure proper integrations are made
  • Act as the Liaison for Tollanis and any third party agencies we use
  • Build a network of integration partners and keep our partners warm
    Must maintain the sales engines that handle our demand generation factory

Job Experience 

  • Job history: Background in revenue operations, sales operations, or business operations, marketing operations 3-5+ years of experience.
  • Collaboration skills: Proven experience acting as a liaison between a variety of departments and stakeholders.
  • Analytical skills: Ability to track metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze them, and turn them into actionable strategies. 
  • Presentation skills: Must be able to present and share data in a polished, meaningful way, whether it’s a quick email, in-depth report, or presentation deck. Must communicate it in a clear, engaging manner. 
  • Relationship-building: Cross-functionally build trust with other departments and create relationships — a RevOps manager will be working with everyone in the organization and led by the Sales leader.

Required Technology Skills 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Must have a deep knowledge of the Hubspot CRM software.. Hubspot Certification required.
  • Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet: Be familiar with using these tools  to assess, manipulate, and analyze data. (No matter how sophisticated or comprehensive a company’s data management software is, Excel & Sheet will likely be used at some point.)
  • Demonstrate competency with: 
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Sales Enablement software
    • Sales velocity tools like HubSpot
    • Sales Intelligence/Business Intelligence (BI) software
    • Marketing Automation software

What We Offer

  • Work from Home – we are a remote first organization 
  • Ability to advance in a fast growing IT startup 
  • Competitive salary paid in USD   

Individuals seeking employment at Tollanis Solutions, Inc are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

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