Deerfield Beach, FL – Tollanis Solutions, Inc. and Credentially have jointly announced a new strategic partnership under which Tollanis Solutions will act as Credentially’s exclusive North American partner. This exclusive partnership will not only significantly boost Credentially’s sales and presence in North America but will also transform the way the healthcare industry manages its credentialing and onboarding efforts moving forward.

“We are always looking for the best technology solutions that can enhance our client’s operations. When we saw how powerful Credentially was at automating and simplifying the often manual healthcare credentialing process, we were certain that a partnership with them would bring tremendous value to our healthcare customers,” said Steve Smith, Founder & CEO of Tollanis Solutions, Inc.

Credentially is the leading SAAS platform that works to eliminate many of the difficulties and challenges connected to the conventional recruitment and credentialing methods across the healthcare industry. Due to its built-in automation processes and remote management, healthcare organizations that use Credentially experience a 90% reduction in manual work and a 40% reduction in hiring time, which leads up to 67% in cost savings. 

Tollanis Solutions is a Managed IT Service provider that provides the technological tools, expertise, and solutions needed for an organization to thrive. With its new partnership with Credentially, Tollanis is committed to transforming the way healthcare organizations carry out recruitment by providing them with an innovative Fully Managed IT solution that will streamline hiring, onboarding, and compliance for greater efficiency and ROI.

About Tollanis Solutions, Inc.

Tollanis Solutions, Inc. is a managed IT service provider that helps organizations bridge the gap between business and IT through the use of cutting-edge technologies to accelerate their digital transformation. Thanks to its unique approach to agile transformation, known as the Synergist Framework™, Tollanis is able to solve business challenges with greater simplicity and impact. Tollanis puts processes and people first to understand a business’s relationship with technology, which helps deliver better results and enables the business to achieve goals more quickly and efficiently.

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About Credentially

Credentially is a leading end-to-end technology platform designed to automate healthcare credentialing. Built to address the millions of wasted clinical hours healthcare providers often face when it comes to onboarding, Credentially supports workers by automating the signup, credentialing, and compliance processes. It allows users to hire with speed, onboard with ease, and customize compliance, allowing the healthcare sector to improve the recruitment experience for candidates and administrators while improving the bottom line.

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