Empower Your Practice with Next-Gen IT: Local MSP Support Tailored for Medical & Dental Professionals

Upgrade your healthcare practice’s technology with local IT experts! We specialize in creating next-generation technology solutions specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals.

Today's successful practices require proactive, intelligent IT solutions that empower exceptional patient care.

Medical practices face unique IT challenges.  They juggle complex systems – from devices and medical equipment to interfaces with labs and electronic medical records to data retention regulations. That’s why a healthcare-specialized IT provider is crucial. They understand these complexities and can proactively address them, keeping your practice running smoothly and securely. But here’s the problem:  Many practices just fix problems as they pop up, like doctors treating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause hindering efficiency, compromising security, and ultimately, hindering the quality of care you can deliver.

This is where Tollanis Local MSP steps in as your digital physician. We go beyond traditional IT support, wielding the combined power of cloud technology, AI, and automation.

Leveraging the Latest Technology for Optimal Patient Care

Benefits for Your Practice

Tollanis is your trusted partner in optimizing your practice’s efficiency and security. Let us handle the technology complexities while you focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Improved Chronic Disease Management

Boosted Security and Compliance

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Free up 10% of IT staff time by eliminating redundant applications through healthcare application rationalization.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Tollanis Diagnose

Tollanis Diagnose is part of our reimagined approach to agile methodology, Synergist Framework™.

Through this framework, our focus is first and foremost on people and processes. We believe that technology should never be designed to build an impenetrable wall around your assets. Instead, it should be a growth accelerator and a means for allowing the organization to move faster.

Why Choose Tollanis Local MSP?

As a local South Florida company, Tollanis understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by medical and dental practices in our vibrant community. We’re not just another IT provider – we’re your veteran-owned neighbor, dedicated to the success of our fellow healthcare professionals.

Here's how we stand out

We leverage the resources of a global leader in IT solutions while keeping our focus firmly planted here in South Florida.

Our team is built on a foundation of service and dedication, values shared by a veteran. We understand the importance of reliability and efficiency.

We specialize in healthcare IT, possessing a deep understanding of HIPAA compliance and the unique needs of medical and dental practices.

Receive regular IT health reports and maintain clear communication channels with your dedicated account manager.

Our Best-of-Breed Partners

We’re here to help your South Florida medical or dental practice thrive in the digital age. Contact Tollanis Local MSP today and let’s discuss how we can become your trusted IT partner.

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Re-Imagining The Way Industries Leverage Technology

Managing complex SaaS systems on your own without the tools to do it correctly can ultimately hinder your growth. Tollanis Solutions delivers solutions (not technology) that provide core business value, improve productivity, and increase ROI so you can justify your investment.

  • Healthcare

    Manage credentialing to application rationalization and optimize internal workflows with specialized digital healthcare platforms so you can focus on providing the best care.

  • Finance

    Build and maintain more efficient, secure services and offer a digital, customer-centric view of your clients’ businesses to boost your competitive advantage.

  • Retail

    Embrace the new digital consumer landscape and capture new markets through transformative mobility, eCommerce, and cloud-based management solutions.

Ready to go further, faster?