Our Managed IT Services
Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

When it comes to business practices, you might feel you’re running in place. Outdated systems, rapid expansion and unforeseen security threats are just some of the factors that might be keeping you stuck. That’s where our Managed IT Services can help you out.

No matter your challenge, we can build a customized, industry-specific solution that will put you back on the road to success, faster and more reliably.

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Credentialing Outsourcing

Outsource your credentialing needs with Tollanis! Total Credentialing by Tollanis handles all of your credentialing requirements using our industry-leading credentialing solution to save you time, money, and stress.

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End-to-End Service Desk

Tollanis End-to-End Service Desk delivers a fully managed support solution that fulfills all your first-level service requests, from desktop support to network access requests.


Service Desk Outsourcing

Tollanis Service Desk Outsourcing provides you with a simple and affordable alternative to maintaining your own first-level help desk. We ensure high-quality delivery with a highly skilled and stable workforce.

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Application Rationalization sevices

Application Rationalization Service

The traditional approach to Application Rationalization doesn’t succeed in achieving the potential cost savings it should deliver. This is because the rationalization process typically focuses on the applications – not on the people who use them. And that’s why Tollanis Solutions’ people-first approach delivers more consistent, more reliable ROI.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Services

The cloud is an excellent solution for adding more flexibility to your work practices. From device democratization to accessibility, we can help you find scalable solutions that keep productivity flowing from wherever you are.

Digital Advisory

Digital Advisory Services

Unsure if you have the right solution set in place? We provide an agnostic 3ʳᵈ party perspective with best of breed recommendations across platforms and industries to provide a solution that is tailored to both your needs and your industry.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics Services

We can help you with information overwhelm. From the optimization of data availability to date handling, policy creation, accessibility and integrity, our solutions are designed to ensure that you have all the information at your fingertips, in the most secure format possible.

Change Management

Change Management Services

Whether you are expanding, restructuring or downsizing, organizational change can feel challenging. We’ll help you assess your risk factors and cover the legal requirements for protecting different types of electronic artifacts.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services

Expansion can feel unsettling when proper security isn’t in place. We’ll develop incident response protocol and assess risks so that you can move forward at a faster pace with optimal visibility and total peace of mind.

AI and Automation

AI and Automation Services

Stuck in a rut? Our solutions allow for operational consistency and reduce the hours that employees spend on repetitive tasks. You can sharpen your competitive edge with supportive systems that allow you to place your human resources and focus where you need it most.

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