Front-line IT Service Desk Management
Has Never Been Easier

Tollanis Service Desk Outsourcing provides you with a simple and affordable alternative to maintaining your own first-level help desk.

We ensure a high-quality service delivery with a highly skilled and stable workforce that is customer-centric.


Demand for IT Support
Is at an All-time High

Remote work has increased the demand for IT services. For many, infrastructure was not designed to support this remote workload, so things inevitably break. As a result, IT support call volume has increased exponentially, stretching resources thin.

IT Positions Are Increasingly
Much Harder to Fill

Employers are scrambling to find qualified candidates to fill open IT positions. The labor shortage has worsened as a result. Time-to-hire now averages 42 days or more and up to 63 days in certain sectors. To make matters worse, quality candidates get scooped up in under 24 hours. It’s hard to keep up!


IT Service Desk
There IS a Better Way

By outsourcing your level-one service desk to Tollanis Solutions, you gain instant access to a best-in-breed service and support team to handle all your needs with skilled agents, a robust support platform, advanced support resources and contact center technology.

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Zendesk partners

Best-in-class IT service desk:
Powered by ZenDesk

Put an end to spreadsheet ticketing with our best-in-class tools. Balance in-person calls with automated self-serve options and chatbot solutions to optimize costs and accelerate resolution of simple questions.
Gain valuable insights into key service issues with our robust reporting platform.

From Basic to Advanced
We've Got You Covered

The Tollanis Solutions Service Desk teams enhance and extend your organization’s service desk capability. We can support all first-level service requests, from desktop/laptop support to network access requests:

  • Computer maintenance and troubleshooting requests
  • User-management requests
  • Enterprise Move, Add and Change Management
  • Remote back-up and restore requests
  • Network connectivity requests
  • End-user email management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • ITIL certified


Put Your IT Resources
to Much Better Use

Support is important, but your skilled talent should not go under-utilized. Put your team to better use on projects that matter most to help your organization grow and thrive.

Always-on IT Service Desk
with 24/7/365 Coverage

Reduce the risk of employee burnout and churn due to long hours manning the phones.
Our IT Service Desk provides full coverage in all time zones and regions. Your team can sleep easy and you gain complete peace of mind.


Skilled Resources
at Your Fingertips

Our resources are ready to meet all your service and contact center needs. We can meet all your compliance, regulatory, and quality requirements at a cost that won’t break the budget.

We are Microsoft Certified Partners

We are fully certified to support all Microsoft OS, server network and applications including Office, Teams, and SharePoint. In addition, we are also a certified Microsoft Azure Partner.


Benefits of Outsourcing Front-line Support
with Tollanis Service Desk


Reduce the Cost of
IT Support and Service


Put Your Team
to Better Use


Increase coverage
and extend support


Minimize Downtime
and Disruptions


Improve User Experience
and Satisfaction


Gain Valuable
Support-issue Insights


Get Access to Highly
Skilled Agents


Reduce Headaches
From Employee Churn

Unified View

Simplify With an Integrated
All-in-one Solution

Why Work With Zendesk Partners?
No Stress, No Headaches... Just Results.

There is no need to manage your service desk alone when there are so many benefits to working with a Zendesk partner like Tollanis. As a Zendesk partner, Tollanis has an in-depth understanding of the solutions you require and can get you up and running fast.

The longer you wait to implement Zendesk, the longer you’re depriving your organization of a better, more cohesive customer experience.