Managed IT Services
for Small Businesses

Setting up a business is a challenge in itself and we believe that technology should enhance your growth and business objectives, rather than constraint it. We provide best-in-class support, managed IT services for small businesses, and customized solutions that are tailored to meet your technology requirements.


Setup Your Business and Technology Infrastructure

It is imperative for SMEs to have a strong technology foundation to be able to hit the ground running. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can help you with all your IT requirements – from spinning up an office and identifying needs to supporting an existing operation and helping with growth and maintenance of technology.

  • Understand your business and advice on the best technical solution
  • Execute all software management and upgrades
  • Office layout, wiring, equipment location, continuity planning
  • Phone service VoIP, system, automated call routing, etc.
  • Internet providers and redundancy
  • Security and access control needs
  • Computer and network configuration
  • Secure wired, wireless, and guest networks
  • Business continuity plan, data, and resource backup
  • Printing, scanning, and fax needs
  • New office or growth assistance with budgets and cost planning
  • Cloud Assessment and Migration

Get the Best Customer Support

With our best-in-class support and managed IT services for small businesses, you don’t need to understand the complexities of managing software because we manage everything for you. Experience convenience and confidence like never before with our customer support team.

  • 24/7/365 support (including holidays)
  • Tickets opened via email, portal, and phone
  • Tracking requests through Service management tool
  • Responses within assigned SLA’s
  • Open communication and transparency
  • All requests contain history and resolution status
  • Remote resolution of 90%+ issues
  • On-site technician visits available
  • Comprehensive reporting metrics
  • Proactive Monitoring, actions to tackle issues before they become problems


Promote Your Business

In today’s world, having a robust digital presence is a necessity in order to take your business to the next level. We offer a full spectrum of marketing and technology requirements to ensure that your brand reaches your audience through the right medium.

  • Domain registration and maintenance
  • Email setup and configuration
  • Office365 Suite and Microsoft Teams implementation
  • Smart phone configuration and management
  • Website design and development
  • Email security for spam and phishing filtering

Secure Your Business

With increasing cyber threats, data breaches, and ransomware attacks, it is crucial for small enterprises to tackle security in a proactive manner. We help businesses protect their data and technology framework by creating a cohesive strategy of security assessments and threat mitigation, thereby building an organization-wide security mindset.

  • Achieve compliance with HIPAA to protect patients’ health information, or other secure regulations needed to comply with insurance or other practice requirements
  • Create and maintain IT security policies for staff
  • Security Awareness Training to identify Phishing, Spear phishing, Whailing, Smishing, Email scams and malware/virus attacks
  • Risk Assessment

customer experience strategy

Our Approach

Process and People Ahead of

Tollanis Diagnose is part of our reimagined approach to agile methodology, Synergist Framework™.

Through this framework, our focus is first and foremost on people and processes. We believe that technology should never be designed to build an impenetrable wall around your assets. Instead, it should be a growth accelerator and a means for allowing the organization to move faster.

Our Best-of-Breed Partners

Re-Imagining The Way Industries Leverage Technology

Managing complex SaaS systems on your own without the tools to do it correctly can ultimately hinder your growth. Tollanis Solutions delivers solutions (not technology) that provide core business value, improve productivity, and increase ROI so you can justify your investment.

  • Healthcare

    Manage credentialing to application rationalization and optimize internal workflows with specialized digital healthcare platforms so you can focus on providing the best care.

  • Finance

    Build and maintain more efficient, secure services and offer a digital, customer-centric view of your clients’ businesses to boost your competitive advantage.

  • Retail

    Embrace the new digital consumer landscape and capture new markets through transformative mobility, eCommerce, and cloud-based management solutions.

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