Our Approach

Values: Honesty, Ownership, Thoughtful, Persistence and Collaboration.

Key Performance Objectives: At Tollanis, each individual is has clear and targeted KPO's.   We understand the importance of well defined objectives and  processes to meet client needs effectively and ensure that client success is the outcome of every interaction.

Governance: Governance in our execution model plays an important role to manage  all aspects of delivery; people, timelines, costs and expectations. We are committed to a powerful program and project governance, myopically focused on outcomes and client success.

Delivery:  Our methodology measures every aspect of delivery to KPO's which results in meeting clients expectations for delivery.  At Tollanis, we deliver what we commit to...  period.


Process Methodology

Agile - SCRUM

Agility, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery,  are part of our DNA.   it,  Our agile development framework and methodology allow us to manage the complexity of large scale software and product development projects,  yet remain nimble and efficient to delivery  bespoke projects.  We plan  short time boxed development cycles, with  ‘Sprints’ of one to two weeks, iteratively adding functionality until the entire project is accomplished.

Process is Everything

To build world-class technology, process is everything. Tollanis believes that efficient design and architecture, planning that is detailed, communication that is constant and our team which is second to none are the edge we have to making every client successful.