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Embark on a Journey to Seamless Credentialing Onboarding

Are you tangled in the tedious credentialing onboarding process? The journey from sourcing to onboarding healthcare professionals can often be a long winding road filled with compliance hurdles, documentation chaos, and inefficiency.

November 15th at 11:00 am EST!

Discover a World of Streamlined Credentialing Onboarding

Welcome to the “Painless Credentialing Onboarding” webinar brought to you by Tollanis, where we unveil a streamlined, compliant, and efficient approach to credentialing onboarding (from offer letter to day one at the hospital) in US healthcare.

Our distinguished speakers, Refine, Mary, and Nikko, will provide invaluable insights into the current credentialing landscape and demonstrate how Tollanis robust credentialing process and our key tool, Credentially, can significantly streamline your credentialing operations. Discover the transformation from cumbersome to comprehensive, manual to automated, and delayed to dynamic with us!

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Webinar Highlights

  • Comprehensive Overview of the Credentialing Landscape in U.S. Healthcare
  • In-depth Exploration of Best Practices and Common Pitfalls in Credentialing
  • Walkthrough of Tollanis Credentialing Process
  • Introduction to Credentially: Your Ultimate Tool for Easier Credentialing
  • Benefits of Choosing Tollanis Credentialing Service
  • Interactive Q&A Session to Address Your Queries
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Meet the Speakers

Regine Desacula

A seasoned Senior Credentialing Specialist, is a healthcare credentialing expert renowned for her profound knowledge in compliance and onboarding. She demonstrates an exceptional ability to meet deadlines with precision, maintaining an unwavering focus on accuracy in every aspect of her work.

Regine is recognized as a trusted leader in managing a diverse range of client accounts, adept at cultivating and nurturing relationships with providers and other

stakeholders. Her domain expertise encompasses proficient handling of credentialing processes for various facilities and providers.

Nikko Reyes

A Credentialing Specialist, spans various healthcare facilities across the United States in credentialing onboarding. He has successfully onboarded healthcare professionals for a wide range of roles, including physicians, nurses, allied health staff, and administrative personnel.

Nikko’s diverse exposure has honed his ability to adapt and streamline onboarding processes to meet the specific needs of each facility and position. His expertise extends to ensuring compliance with Joint Commission requirements, maintaining rigorous adherence to healthcare regulations.

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Mary Reyes

A dedicated Credentialing Specialist in the U.S. healthcare sector, expertly guides healthcare facilities through the intricacies of healthcare provider onboarding. Her proficiency shines through her ability to seamlessly guide various healthcare facilities through the intricacies of onboarding healthcare providers.

Mary’s collaborative approach is evident as she has closely partnered with recruiters to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding journey for healthcare professionals, meeting the highest standards of excellence.

reputation as a sought-after expert in payor credentialling. Whether she’s guiding established healthcare groups to maintain their credentials or assisting new providers on their credentialling journey, Holly’s expertise shines through, making her a trusted voice in helping healthcare professionals reach their highest potential.

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Embark on a transformative journey with Tollanis Solutions as we delve deep into the realms of credentialing onboarding. With a special focus on the U.S. healthcare sector, this webinar aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricate credentialing landscape.

Uncover the essence of credentialing, understanding its pivotal role in ensuring quality patient care, regulatory compliance, and enhanced healthcare services.

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