Cyber Security

Our security practice was founded by practitioners with deep hands on experience. Whether its deployment, remediation, compliance or design, our team of experts has the certifications and real world experience of managing complex environments from hundreds to tens of thousands of users. As an Okta and Splunk partner we bring some of the world’s best tools to help you manage the complexities of today’s security challenges.


Digital Transformation & Automation

Digital Transformation is not just about emerging technology, but about your business processes allowing people to solve their traditional problems in a more effective, customer centric way with an improved customer experience. Today's consumers demand ease of access and use in realtime.  Tollanis can help your technology and business deliver that experience.


Cloud Migration & Integration

The need to bridge the gap between traditional IT services and the cloud is critical.  Today's businesses demand faster, cheaper, better.   Tollanis brings together  cloud-native and legacy applications—from DevOps practices to underlying infrastructure intp a strategy and roadmap to ensure you maximize your investments in today's technology.


Customer Experience

No need for outdated technologies and an endless queue of tickets that’s weighing your company down and frustrating your agents and customers. Deliver effortless, consistent and personalized service and support. Using the latest technologies leveraging AI / automation we can create increased customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing costs.