We Are Credentially Partners Transforming Healthcare Credentialing

The healthcare and life sciences industry is driven by a demand for reliable technology and trusted licensed professionals. With this in mind, our partners at Credentially have created an innovative recruitment software solution that empowers healthcare providers by expediting and automating the hiring, onboarding, and compliance processes.

The Only End-To-End Recruitment
Software For Healthcare

For too long, healthcare providers have struggled with lengthy hiring processes, unorganized onboarding, and unreliable compliance reporting. Remote management of these processes is essential, for safety as well as efficiency.
As Credentially partners, we are eliminating many of the challenges associated with traditional healthcare sign-up methods to save you time, money, and stress.

Tollanis and Credentially:
Saving Providers Hours of Clinical Time

  • Branded, customized, and user-friendly sign-up experience
  • Automated compliance processing 
  • Automated referencing and follow-up

  • Customizable onboarding constructor
  • Automated verification and checks 
  • Automated clinical policy review and e-signing

  • Credential documentation and tracking 
  • Customizable, exportable compliance reports 
  • Automatic patient-protection failsafe

Designed to Transform Healthcare

Built with both the candidate and organization in mind, Credentially is changing the standard industry hiring average of 128 days to just 12 days for the whole sign-up, validate, and onboard process.


Seamless Candidate

The user-friendly platform streamlines the application experience with mobile-friendly software that allows candidates to sign up in minutes.

Real-Time Communication
and Interaction

Communication between your organization and potential candidates is automated with follow-up emails sent in real-time.

Easy Document

With simple drag and drop capabilities, scanned documents are uploaded in seconds into a personal profile where the software automatically identifies and labels compliance documents.

E-Signature and Policy/
Document Review

The built-in e-signature function allows staff to remotely sign contracts and policies for rapid sign-up so your compliance and training are always up-to-date.


Create and distribute questionnaires during the application/onboarding process to capture valuable information from candidates and employees quickly and easily.

Auto References

Our fully automated clinical referencing process enables you to request multiple references, track the status of requests, and manage responses.

Sensitive Information
Stays Secure

With information as important as this, Credentially has put in place multiple levels of security to ensure that your organization, your employees, and your potential candidates’ records are kept safe and in a manner compliant with GDPR.

• GDPR and IG SoC security compliant
• Registered with the Data Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act (2018)
• OWASP Cloud 10 compliant

Tollanis Solutions A Credentially

Tollanis Solutions is a managed IT services Credentially partner. We can help you define your requirements and get you up and running, quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to Tollanis Connect™, a unique approach to ecosystem integration, healthcare organizations can seamlessly blend data, applications, and solutions into a cohesive technology ecosystem that helps deliver better business results, enabling you to reach your goals faster and with a more streamlined approach.

What Our Powerful Partnership
Can Do For You

Faster Hiring

Reduce costs and time spent on recruitment and review candidates – fast

Efficient Onboarding

Build onboarding around your own process with no more doubts about safety

Tighter Compliance

Cover every base with easy reports so only fully compliant staff can book shifts and work

Happier Staff

Create branded, customizable experiences for your employees

Amazing Automation

Automate references and compliances for huge administration savings

Innovative Solutions

Combine features across all processes to fill gaps and optimize efficiencies

Why Work with Credentially? Standardize
the End-to-End Recruitment Journey

HR software and manual systems can help manage some aspects of the recruitment process but are not designed to be the all-in-one tool you need. Credentially offers a better way for your organization to turn paper into data, automate your evidence, and track and train your staff.

When you need staff without delays, evidence without error, and growth without outrageous costs, Tollanis gives you the solutions you need fast and with ease through partners like Credentially.

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Process and People
Ahead of Technology

Our unique approach to data, analytics and security is based on the Synergist Framework, a new take on agile methodology that focuses first and foremost on people and process. As you know, your main source of vulnerability will always be your people.

Yet data access and security should never be designed to build an impenetrable wall around your assets. Instead, it should be a growth accelerator and a means for allowing the organization to move faster knowing that measures are in place should a situation arise.

Tollanis Solutions for
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Our Unique
Approach to Data
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