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Many modern enterprises face productivity issues due to unstructured workflows, unorganized data across legacy technologies, a lack of cross-departmental communication, and limited access to IT professionals that can diagnose the root of these problems. As a certified ServiceNow implementation and management partner, Tollanis Solutions works the Now Platform to solve these issues and digitally transform your entire organization.

Tollanis and ServiceNow: AcceleratingDigital Transformation

When work flows effortlessly, your teams and systems are empowered to accomplish more and deliver better customer experiences. We specialize in using ServiceNow to build digital workflows that unlock productivity across all your siloed departments and help you do better business in the DigitalNow!

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IT Service Management (ITSM)

Unify your disparate IT tools and resources into a single system of engagement.

  • Boost IT agent productivity
  • Provide resilient service experiences
  • Gain insight with built-in dashboards and real-time analytics
  • Collaborate across IT, HR, legal and other departments frictionlessly
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IT OperationsManagement (ITOM)

Modernize your IT infrastructure and solve issues before they occur.

  • Proactively predict issues
  • Minimize user impact
  • Discover and manage your IT infrastructure
  • Build a strong data foundation
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Customer Service Management

Empower your employees to deliver a friction-free customer experience.

  • Accelerate time to value
  • Align your tech, people, and partners
  •  Boost performance with proven strategies and prescriptive guidance
  • Continuously improve employee & customer experiences

Maximize your ServiceNow PlatformWith Tollanis

Tollanis Solutions’ Totally ManagedTM support services are designed to maintain, manage, and maximize your ServiceNow instance as part of our DigitalNow framework.

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Tollanis Diagnose™

Understand how ServiceNow fits into your organization and can solve your complexities.

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Optimize your ServiceNow instance to better align with your organizational goals, without cost.



Turn ServiceNow into your single source of truth that is integrated with all tech stacks.

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Custom Development

Equip your ServiceNow platform with custom tools, designs, and APIs you need to succeed.

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Managed Upgrades

Reap the benefits of the latest updates without the hassle of testing and troubleshooting.

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Synergist FrameWork™

Identify and fix gaps in capabilities and functions within your organization.

Tollanis Solutions | ServiceNow and theDigitalNow Framework

Tollanis Solutions, a leading ServiceNow Partner and systems integrator, blends
technology, processes, and people to deliver the full value of the ServiceNow platform. We
can help you define your requirements and get your new solutions implemented quickly
and efficiently using the Tollanis DigitalNow framework.

Thanks to Tollanis DigitalNow™, our unique approach to ServiceNow platform integration
and deployment, you’ll be able to seamlessly blend data, applications, and solutions into a
cohesive technology ecosystem that helps deliver better business results, enabling you to
reach your goals faster and with a more streamlined approach, all while empowering your
organization and customers to do more in the DigitalNow!

Why Choose Tollanis As YouServiceNow Partner?

When great vision meets great execution, great results follow. As an experienced
ServiceNow consulting company, we bridge the persistent gap between business and IT to
help you gain the most value from your investment.

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DigitalNow Framework™

We put process and people before technology. Through our proprietary framework, we work to understand your business challenges first so we can implement a ServiceNow solution that achieves the outcomes you want.

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Scale Without Cost

As ServiceNow implementation partners, we remove the obstacles that are preventing scale while drastically reducing operating and licensing costs. We provide the software and services, all in one convenient bundle.

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Rapid Adaptability

Regardless of your proficiency with the Now platform – whether you are starting off or experienced – we meet you where you are to help you define your goals and get you to where you want to be fast.

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Constant Support

We have a team of ServiceNow consultants, implementers, architects, and developers to support your ever-evolving IT service, operations, and management needs. We help you meet demand and set you up for success.

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Process and PeopleAhead of Technology

Our unique approach to data, analytics and security is based on the Synergist Framework, a new take on agile methodology that focuses first and foremost on people and process. As you know, your main source of vulnerability will always be your people.

Yet data access and security should never be designed to build an impenetrable wall around your assets. Instead, it should be a growth accelerator and a means for allowing the organization to move faster knowing that measures are in place should a situation arise.

Tollanis Solutions forCustomer Success

Tollanis Connect

Our UniqueApproach to Dataand TechnologyEcosystemIntegration

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Tollanis Secure

Our AdvancedCyberthreatEvaluation andRemediationService

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Tollanis Diagnose

Our Cyber SecurityRapid HealthCheck andMaturityAssessment

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