We Are Splunk PartnersEnabling Data to Everything

Data is a critical part of your business, tied to every facet of your organization from customer satisfaction to streamlined processes and security management.

As Splunk partners, our mission is to empower your organization through better and more efficient access to data. With the Splunk® Data-to-Everything Platform you can apply data to the questions, decisions and actions that are most affecting your business and will bring it the most success.

Your information is also securely protected every step of the way.

digital transformation

Get to Where You
Want to Go ... Fast

Your digital initiatives are essential to your company’s growth. Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform accelerates your digital transformation by including everything you need to ensure you succeed.

Whether you’re just starting your digital journey or if the cloud has always been your company’s way of life, you can now innovate with certainty thanks to focused solutions powered by AI and machine learning.

Get It All Done with the
Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform

As Splunk partners, we are focused on providing companies with the most flexible ways to work with their data. You can investigate, monitor, analyze and act! Splunk delivers ultimate freedom with a platform that can adapt to any and every situation:

Structured or unstructured, Splunk can analyze any text-based data without the need for you to organize it. Cut down on work time and get the answers you need, fast.

All sources of data are welcome: on-premises, in the cloud, IoT devices, points-of-sale, CRM and any other imaginable data source.

Whether it’s happening in real time or happened last week, you can investigate and effortlessly act on data quickly.

Access actionable insights through asking questions and leveraging advanced ML/AI across Security, IT, DevOps, business and much more.

Help a wide range of users in various sectors of your business understand, analyze, and act on their data. Streamline collaborative responses thanks to set, automated actions based on playbooks or AI-driven decision-making.

Build Your Resilience

Build Your Resilience

As Splunk partners, we help you empower your people so they can predict, identify and solve problems in real time across every sector of your business including IT and DevOps.

Access to world-class security functions is essential to the success of a business as well as to the satisfaction of customers. Splunk features investigative capabilities, intuitive visualizations and seamless collaboration for maximum safety.

Splunk Enterprise Security:
Combat Threats Confidently

Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) delivers peace-of-mind security. Teams can access every single piece of data allowing for organization-wide visibility and security intelligence.

Need to understand your organization’s present risk level? Looking to run a tighter security operation? Splunk ES can be used for continuous monitoring and incident response, regardless of the deployment model.

Data that exists on-premises, in a public or private cloud, SaaS, or any combination of these, can easily be accessed and analyzed for proactive solutions that minimize risk.

As Splunk partners, we can help businesses get improved security operation which allows for:

  • Faster response times
  • Increased end-to-end visibility across all machine data
  • Advance analytics for wide-range detection and investigation capabilities
  • Better-informed decisions through leveraging threat intelligence

Resolve Problems
Before They Impact Customers

In order to succeed, today’s complex environments need technical agility, speed and plenty of capacity. Embracing Splunk’s one-of-a-kind AIOps platform allows you to bring data to your IT operations.

Downtime doesn’t have to happen. Every facet of your infrastructure (physical, virtual or in the cloud) can be monitored for potential incidents.

Know where you’re at: Get the full picture of what’s happening with your infrastructure, applications and services.

Tomorrow’s coming faster than you think. Add machine learning for predictive alerting and auto-remediation to your business so you’re ready.

Splunk partners

Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant (MQ) Named Splunk as a Leader in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for the Seventh Time in a Row

Magic Quadrant is a registered trademark of Gartner Group

As Splunk Partners,
We Can Help You:

Turn Data Into Outcomes
Create in-depth data strategies for now and the next day. Data is moving at lighting speed. Keep ahead of the curve thanks to vast data access combined with effective analytics and lighting fast automation with our cloud-centric platform.

Become a Powerhouse in the Cloud and On-Prem
Tailor your experience to your needs. You can access the same effective, scalable features in the cloud as you can on-premises. For convenience, grab the latest innovations delivered right to the cloud, or easily manage Splunk on your choice of public or private cloud platform.

Integrate AI and Machine Learning
Streamline systems thanks to integrated tools and guided data onboarding that is backed by open-source AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms. You can deal with issues before they become full-scale problems thanks to powerful AI and ML capabilities automatically identify, predict and self-heal with IT, Security, DevOps and Business departments.

Get Cloud-Ready for Any Situation
Are you experiencing growing pains? As Splunk partners, we can help. Splunk is designed to deal with unforeseen or rapid expansion of data volume. All of your present and future needs can be scaled in the cloud, easily and seamlessly. And Splunk is there, every step of the way. It can be organized and managed for you by Splunk, in order for you to benefit from a secure and highly reliable service.

Consume, Collaborate and Act on Data Easily
So many choices! So much flexibility! Users can choose how they use and consume their data, interacting with mobile apps, augmented reality (AR) and comprehensive visualizations.

Gain Real-Time

Gain Real-Time Visibility Across Your Entire Business

Thanks to a one-of-a-kind investigative approach Splunk lets you consume any data, anywhere (cloud or on-premises), for complete visibility. Whether it’s in real-time or at rest you can work with any source or type of data and answer pertinent questions across all areas including: Business, IT and Security, as well as DevOps.

Increase your visibility in all areas and effortlessly meet your real-time KPIs thanks to your ability to gain critical business insights at a faster pace.

Tollanis SolutionsDynamic Splunk Partners

Tollanis Solutions is a managed IT services Splunk partner. We can help you define your requirements and get you up and running, quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to Tollanis Connect™, a unique approach to ecosystem integration, you’ll be able to seamlessly blend data, applications and solutions into a cohesive technology ecosystem that helps deliver better business results, enabling you to reach your goals faster and with a more streamlined approach.

Your data is top of mind
Enjoy these key benefits


Create a more resilient enterprise

Your data

Gain visibility on all your data, all the time

Combat threats

Combat threats with actionable intelligence

security posture

Improve your security posture in real time


Turn your data into action insights at scale

Connect data

Connect data from disparate sources everywhere

Why Work With Splunk Partners?
No Stress, No Headaches ... Just Results.

There is no need to manage your data alone when there are so many benefits to working with Splunk partners. As a Splunk Data-to-Everything Partner, Tollanis has an in-depth understanding of the solutions you require and can get you up and running fast.

The longer you wait to implement Splunk, the longer you’re depriving your organization of a better, more effective use of data and better security in every facet of business.


Putting Process and People Ahead of Technology

Our unique approach to data, analytics and security is based on the Synergist Framework, a new take on agile methodology that focuses first and foremost on people and process. As you know, your main source of vulnerability will always be your people.

Yet data access and security should never be designed to build an impenetrable wall around your assets. Instead, it should be a growth accelerator and a means for allowing the organization to move faster knowing that measures are in place should a situation arise.

Tollanis Solutions and
Cyber Security

Tollanis Connect

Our Unique Approach to Ecosystem Integration

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Tollanis Secure

Our Advanced Cyberthreat Evaluation and Remediation Service

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Tollanis Diagnose

Our Cyber Security Rapid Health Check and Maturity Assessment

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