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SweetHawk’s best-in-class, simple yet powerful Zendesk apps can be used to build workflow and automation processes to extend the functionality of Zendesk. We are SweetHawk partners and an integration shop that can support all your SweetHawk app requirements. As champions of customer success, we have an in-depth understanding of the solutions you require and can get you up and running fast.

SweetHawk Solutions: Extract More Value out of Zendesk

As SweetHawk partners, we help organizations create the best experiences with 15+ top-rated Zendesk apps. SweetHawk apps cater to multiple use cases for key business functions such as IT, HR, and more. The flexibility and Zendesk integration capabilities allow you to mold a solution that meets your needs.

ITSM Change Management

HR Process Automation

Project Management

Client Onboarding

SLA/OLA Enforcement & Reporting

Approval Processes

Quality Assurance & Training

CSAT & NPS Workflows

Super Suite: All SweetHawk Apps

With 15+ powerful Zendesk apps like Calendar for creating events and managing team calendars, Tasks for managing Zendesk tickets better, and Notify for managing notifications like a pro, Super Suite gives superpowers to your Zendesk. These apps are essential add-ons for boosting your team’s productivity and organizational capabilities, thereby transforming customer success and employee engagement.






Due Time




Recurring Tickets

Change Manager

Future Tickets




Hide Ticket Fields

Field Conditions


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Maximize Your Zendesk Capability with SweetHawk and Tollanis

Our Totally ManagedTM services are designed to maintain, manage, and maximize your Zendesk capabilities for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

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Learn how SweetHawk fits into your existing Zendesk implementation and can solve your challenges.


As a SweetHawk integration shop, we help integrate SweetHawk apps with your existing tech stack.


Equip your Zendesk with the custom apps you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Get your team up and running instantly with our best-in-breed service and support team.

Why Work with Tollanis Solutions?

Tollanis Solutions is a managed IT services Zendesk partner and a SweetHawk integration shop. We can help you define your requirements and get you up and running, quickly and efficiently. With multiple projects under our belt across all industries and company sizes, our team is equipped to handle even the most challenging and unique cases.

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