VMware Carbon Black Partners,Accelerating Business Through Security

As VMware Carbon Black partners, we are dedicated to making the world safe from cyber attacks.

With the boundaries of enterprises now extending from the data center right to the living room, it is more important than ever to protect your business from all possible threats.


On the Attack

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more complex operations that are constantly evolving thanks to advanced services available on the dark web.

Lateral movement, island hopping and destructive attacks are the challenging and dangerous tactics that are now being used.

For companies with decentralized systems, cyber attacks can pose a serious threat to everything from intellectual property to financial assets.

VMware Carbon Black UpdatesYour Endpoint and Workload Protection

Companies need to incorporate an endpoint platform that is not only designed to detect the tiniest anomaly that could signal a cyber threat, but one that has developed a preventative response as well.

Many endpoint security products are focused solely on datasets that pose obvious threats. VMware Carbon Black goes further by collecting endpoint activity data on a continuous basis. Why? Because hackers love to hide in plain sight!

Our approach to security using VMware Carbon Black means that almost any suspicious behavior can be stopped. Thanks to continuous analysis, patterns can be detected as they evolve which means that unprecedented attacks can be halted almost immediately.

Security Stack

Your Security StackMade Easy

When a potential threat is flagged, VMware Carbon Black cuts through clutter and stress and increases efficiency by using a unified endpoint agent and console.

This means that when an incident occurs, downtime is reduced to a minimum and you can get back to business quickly.

Delivering State-Of-The-Art
Endpoint and Workload Protection

VMware Carbon Black is devoted to giving your business the most advanced form of streamlined protection when it comes to both workloads and endpoints.

With their solutions, you can:

  • Upgrade your antivirus solutions. Protect your company from the most advanced threats thanks to a next-generation antivirus and behavioral EDR solution.
  • Keep endpoint downtime to a minimum using cloud-response tools.
  • Effectively hunt for, and preempt potential threats, before they become full-scale attacks.
  • Meet industry requirements and ensure security control with endpoint, application and device protection solutions.
  • Manage vulnerability and reduce attacks through simplified prioritized reporting and continuous visibility throughout your environment.
Workload Protection

Staying Secure and Stress-Free

Because it contains so much valuable information, a company’s data center is the most likely target for a cyber attack. These days, however, hackers are getting far more sophisticated, and are less likely to set off any alarms when they infiltrate. They are able to infiltrate yet remain undetected for months sometimes.

VMware Carbon Black provides state-of-the-art workload protection. Thanks to the VCenter console, companies can audit the state of their systems and take immediate action, when needed, thanks to prioritized vulnerability reporting. Malware, fileless and living-off-the-land attacks can also be blocked through this advanced workload protection.

VMWare carbon black partners

Carbon Black Named a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms for Third Consecutive Year

Magic Quadrant is a registered trademark of Gartner Group

Whole Environment

Get a Handle on Your Whole Environment
With VMware Carbon Black

Thanks to risk scores and links to the National Vulnerability Database, your company will be able to assess vulnerability scenarios and gain insights into IOCs and TTPs as well as regular system events.

Over 2,000 configurations detailing the state of your workloads are available for analysis. Running regular assessments means that you are always aware of the state of your security and will be able to shut down an attack before it spirals into a full-scale breach.

Security and simplicity

We Make It Simple

Security and simplicity are possible! Your company’s systems can receive advanced protection within your current infrastructure by combining your IT and security stack, replacing multiple point solutions with a single source.

This streamlined approach creates clarity for infrastructure and security teams, which allows for increased speed and efficiency when detecting and deflecting an attack.

Tollanis SolutionsVMware Carbon Black Partners

Tollanis Solutions is a managed-services VMware Carbon Black Partner. We can help you define your requirements, identify vulnerabilities and get you up and running fast. With Tollanis Secure™, our advanced cyber threat evaluation and remediation service, you’ll be able to move faster and with greater confidence, knowing that you’re protected should a threat occur.

Your Peace of Mind Is Top of Mind
Enjoy These Key Benefits


Consistent threat-monitoring across entire network

outmoded technologies

Replace outmoded technologies that are ulnerable to attack

running fast

Get back up and running fast

devices in real-time

Assess and remediate devices in real-time

Minimize attack

attack surface

anti-virus protection

Next generation
anti-virus protection

Why Work With VMware
Carbon Black Partners

There are many benefits to working with a partner, compared to DIY security. As a VMware Carbon Black Partner, we have an in-depth understanding of the solution and are able to get you up and running fast. The longer you wait to implement VMware Carbon Black, the longer you’re exposed to advanced cyber threats.


Process and People Ahead of Technology

Our unique approach to cyber security is based on the Synergist Framework, a new take on agile methodology that focuses first and foremost on people and process. As you know, your main source of vulnerability will always be your people.

Yet security should never be designed to build an impenetrable wall around your assets. Instead, it should be a growth accelerator and a means for allowing the organization to move faster knowing that measures are in place should a situation arise.

Tollanis Solutions and
Cyber Security

Tollanis Secure

Our Advanced Cyberthreat Evaluation and Remediation Service

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Tollanis Diagnose

Our Cyber Security Rapid Health Check and Maturity Assessment

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