About uS



Tollanis continues to build a world class executive team and is constantly looking for outstanding talent.    Our leadership team has served across multiple industries and brings decades of technology and business experience to the benefit of our clients.  



Tollanis is the leading reseller of Kustomer and experts in Digital Transformation (DX) and Customer Experience (CX). for over ten years Tollanis has provided solutions and services that help businesses maximize their technology investments, eliminate costs and leverage cloud technologies for digital transformation.



Tollanis has partnered with emerging leaders in the Digital and Cloud space to help bring our customer unparalleled value.  From IBM, to AWS, to Kustomer.  We bring together partners that add value and drive DX and CX in your organization.

Our Mission

We strive to help businesses develop a solid foundation and technology strategy so they can be successful. We will work to increase speed and agility, streamline your architecture, retool your organization and company culture, and digital enable your business to prepare you for the Agile Enabled Enterprise.

“It's not about the big consuming the small.... It's about speed and agility.